Talk Talk Business – Sales Ordering Process for Partners

Talk Talk Business – Sales Ordering Process for Partners

TalkTalk Business (TTB) had no portal for capturing new service requests from their business partners. So when a request came in, they had no way of telling whether it concerned one location or 300.

How we helped Talk Talk Business

Until we stepped in this had been a strictly manual process (and by this we mean there was no process). We helped map out the quote-order journey, then used inVision prototype development software to visualise it using wireframes and clickable jpg files.

What was delivered?

Thanks to our knowledge of Salesforce Communities we were able to support TTB’s external offshore Salesforce vendor, Tech Mahindra, throughout the design and build.



Behind the scenes, TTB were using Cloudsense as the main data engine. Unfortunately, the user interface isn’t designed to be used by third parties or partners, which is why they needed an alternative.

The result?

Our solution is far neater. It captures the right information for the pre-order team to pass onto their engineering team, who can then design the technical solution.

Not only is it quicker for partners to pull together a proposal, but it’s now possible for TTB to run reports and have a much better view of upcoming sales and operational activity requirements.

The new platform has proved so popular that TTB’s telesales agents are now using it internally too.


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