Molson Coors vendor procurement

Molson Coors vendor procurement

Molson Coors are one of the world’s largest brewers, producing over 23 million hectoliters of beer in Europe during 2012. That’s a helluva lot of beer.  

Water, hops, yeast and barley are the main components, of course, but the company requires the products and services of many other businesses to keep the beer flowing.

How we helped Molson Coors

They approached us seeking a web-based application that would allow teams to engage with new environmental vendors. The brief was simple – develop a way to let the procurement team source and negotiate products and services without spending their days completing forms and chasing missing information.


What was delivered?

Molson Coors have good reason to be picky when selecting vendors. As well as having to follow strict regulations, they also need to satisfy their own environmental and ethical policies.

We produced a web-based app that allows employees to request the engagement of new vendors before entering a workflow process, prompting information from each stakeholder in the engagement cycle.

The result?

Once new vendors are appointed, the solution continues to act as a repository. It lists all vendors long with their environmental accreditations – great for demonstrating corporate social responsibility in the supply chain.

To find out more – including how the app manages inbound requests from prospective vendors – just ask us!


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